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Overcome language barriers quickly
Your sworn interpreter for Albanian & Macedonian

You need a reliable interpreter of Albanian or Macedonian?

An expert who has mastered the linguistic subtleties of the Balkans?  I overcome gladly your language barriers in Munich or in the surrounding area – if required nationwide.

Is your original interpreter is ill? Time is of the essence?

If possible, I will be available immediately - in Munich often within 30 minutes.
Use my flexibility!

Whether in court, authority or in a group meeting:

If the people do not speak the same language, misunderstand each other with serious consequences. With my multilingual skills I transform mimic question mark in understanding glances.



My services

Court, authority & group meetings

Flexible at disposal

Network of experts

Network of around 30 languages

I am sworn interpreter for Albanian and Macedonian. In addition, I mediate for you easily other experts for about 30 languages ​​- for example, French, Russian or Turkish. Just ask!